Walk like an Egyptian

Number of pyramids: approximately 138

Tallest pyramid: 481 feet tall, about 2.3 million stone blocks (each one weighing anywhere from 2.5 to 15 tons)

Time it took to build The Great Pyramid: 20 years (about 180 blocks per hour, 1 block every 3 minutes).

I’m currently taking a class on World Civilizations and we most recently discussed the Egyptians.  Ever since the sixth grade I have heard about hieroglyphics, various pharaohs, and the controversial pyramids. I understand that there is much debate over how exactly the Egyptians were able to construct such impossible structures.  Several theories are out there, anything from ramps to aliens (which actually may be more likely than the existence of Big Foot). However, my professor offered a different perspective. His answer to how the pyramids could have been made is that “the gods wanted it done, so they did it at all costs.”

Two aspects about this statement peaked my interest, the first being that this answers a ‘how’ question rather than a ‘why’ question. See, for Egyptians, if it was the will of the gods for something to be done, it was done. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. They endured seemingly impossible feats just to bring glory to their gods through their obedience.  The second thing this quote brought about was the wondering of ‘what about us’?  As Christians, what “pyramids” are we being commanded to build? Are we being obedient and doing what God tells us so through that He will receive glory?  Or are we saying ‘no’, ‘maybe later’, or completely ignoring him entirely?

Are we willing to carry a 15 ton stone block for the Creator?  What about a cross?  Are we so strong in our faith that we could face certain death and still be obedient? Or maybe a more trivial question is: are we so strong in our faith that we could face 40, 50, 60 years of the ups and downs of life and still be obedient?  Maybe our walks should be more like an Egyptian.  We know the One True God, let’s start living that out whatever the cost may be.  No excuses, just obedience.