Where to go from here…

This summer has been rather busy and thought provoking. After spending two weeks in Vietnam during June and a month helping with Disciple Makers training in July, I definitely can feel the Lord working in my heart, pulling me in directions I never thought I’d go. Basically this post serves as a way for me to process all that God has been teaching me. It essentially boils down to this: make disciples wherever you go.

Over the past few years, I’ve been so fixated on one place that I feel like I’ve been blind to all the possibilities that God has in store for me. I’ve been putting his plan in a small, pretty box that makes sense to me. Placing these limitations on him stems from my stubborness and my need for a plan in life.  However, my prayer for the past few months has been, “Lord, help me to want to make disciples wherever I am. Make it about the people I encounter and not about the place that I encounter them. Help me to love all people with the love with which you have loved me.”

I’ve been reading Shadow of the Almighty which recounts the life and death of Jim Elliot. As he journals about an encounter with a confused waitress, he says:

Had a heart-rending time trying to speak the Words of Life to her, and as I think of all this country now, many just as confused, and more so, I realized that the 39th Street bus is as much a mission field as Africa ever was.

See, even one of my missionary heroes knew this truth even when he was still in college. Now I’m trying to see how these two things (knowing that I need to make disciples everywhere I go and knowing the obvious call on my life to foreign missions) can peacefully coexist.  I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch for them to do so. The only thing hindering me is the lack of a clear, outlined plan. But enter again Jim Elliot when discussing his time at Wheaton College:

Be that as it may, my Father knows best, and I’m confident that He has placed me here; my task is to labor quietly until the pillar-cloud removes and leads farther, working out God’s purposes in God’s time.

This is my prayer as I move into my last year of college…that I will labor quietly among the people he has given me until he leads me farther in his perfect timing.  Where that pillar-cloud will lead…I no longer know, but I trust in the goodness and perfection of His plans and not my own.